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That-one-songThis Is My Jam is a popular music site where you get to choose one song at a time as your current "jam." Reducing choices has made it a great curation tool when you create a playlist or browse recently added songs. Now This Is My Jam has introduced That One Song which previews future abilities. That One Song allows you to choose an artist and listen to that artist's most jammed song. The That One Song preview was built for Midem Hack Day.

This Is My Jam Stays Grounded In Simplicity

This Is My Jam is a nice way to share and discover music. By limiting your sharing to one track at a time, it seems to help a lot of us cut through the noise and make a simple choice that feels right for the moment.

Then by following other users you get a playlist of selected tunes.

You can also Explore tracks with a choice of browsing a grid display of pic and track names or switching to playlist mode. You can do that from the home page after picking a track without being logged in or sign-in and start from the last thing you listened to.

Choices vary from where you start but once you're exploring you can pick an artist, genre or tag to get browsable tracks or an immediate playlist. Additional options include the most popular tracks of the days, jams from new members and a nice selection of additional choices.

Overall they've done a great job of staying focused on the core concept of choosing one track at a time as one's jam while building in easy to grasp but interesting options for both active browsing and lean back listening.

Introducing That One Song

With the introduction of That One Song This Is My Jam teases further discovery options while noting:

"That One Song is an early preview of some of This Is My Jam’s song graph functionality, launching later in 2014. Its selections are based on more than 1.5 million 'jams': favourite songs, carefully handpicked by the Jam community since 2012."

You enter an artist's name and That One Song returns the most shared song for that artist as identified by the This Is My Jam community.

Options include making the song your current jam, picking another artist or heading into the discovery options on This Is My Jam as described above.

Switching From YouTube/SoundCloud to Spotify

However, there's a bit of a twist in sourcing music. This Is My Jam has been using sources like YouTube and SoundCloud for immediate streaming. That One Song switches sourcing for the individual songs to Spotify.

It will be interesting to see if this foreshadows a general move to Spotify for streaming by This Is My Jam. That would make sense considering the fact that using sources like YouTube for music streaming can still lead to licensing issues.

Plus they've already got a Spotify app.

That One Song was built in 48 hours by Hannah Donovan and Matthew Ogle at Midem Hack Day.


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