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You're comparing apples and oranges...
And FYI Soundcloud DO have a copyright-scanning tool. So its NOT possible to freely upload copyrighted music for most music.

Josh Woodward

SoundCloud wants us, the ones who create the content that drives their site, to foot the bill. I have 10 hours of music I'd love to share on SoundCloud, but I'm sure as hell not going to pay them for the privilege of doing it, while YouTube pays *me* to upload much more bandwidth-intensive files.

Erik P

I see copyrighted music uploaded by users on there all the time.


From the consumers perspective I see them as very similar services.

Yes, Soundcloud does have copyright-scanning. However, unofficial remixes of copyrighted material seem get through just fine. This is certainly not the case on Spotify.


if you haven't been able to get an unlicensed remix onto spotify you haven't really tried

Hisham Dahud


My sentiments exactly. Many are still, to this day, surprised when I tell them that SoundCloud is my music streamer of choice. I'm a fan of stuff that most people aren't listening to, if that makes sense. A lot of hungry, young, and creative producers live on SoundCloud and the amount of undiscovered gems I come across there far exceeds what I find on major music streamers (save maybe Songza, that's been doing me well lately).

And as a music creator, I love the fact that I can engage with the artists (assuming they're not too busy to monitor the social component of their SC profile) around the MUSIC only. Not photos, or videos, or articles - but the MUSIC.

Just my two cents. =)



But how can remixes of official music be seen as a "similar" service? The average user dont care about remixes. They want the original tracks and most often the Top 100 tracks.

dave peter

Different products different users.

A user who wants to listen what ever happens to pass as the crap in the top 100 isn't going to go soundcloud.

The user who wants to find some fresh new artist / music in some more obscure genre (obscure as in just not the mainstream genres) isn't going on spotify.

Music fans use soundcloud, music consumers use spotify


Agree. Sadly the consumers are in a 98/2 favour


Not sure this was the best example of why Soundcloud is the service to beat. #Justsayin

Melissa D

Yourlisten.com is a great music sharing site as well. A lot of music enthusiasts that share their music and super easy and convenient to use!

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