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Beats Music Opens API To Public

Beats DevBeats Music today opened it's API to developers. The service remains $10 a month for consumers, but their hope is that outside developers will extend Beats' reach for those willing to pay to a multitude of devices and services. Today's announcement comes just one day after Spotify paid $100 million for music data provider The Echo Nest saying it would use its own newly acquired API to extend it's (often free) music service to more developers.

Beats"If you're willing to pay $100 a year for music, which in my experience for all the world's music is a tremendous bargain, you should have access to music anywhere you might want it, in your car, house, anywhere," CEO Ian Rogers told CNET of today's Beats announcement. "This isn't just about giving access to the catalog of music. This is about people who are subscribers to a premium music service that has premium music features, as a subscriber you should have access anywhere."

Sonos and are already using Beats API. Some of the features of the API include the ability to:

  • Search the Beats Music Catalog
  • Play a Track
  • Create, Update, and Display a Playlist

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