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TUE. NEWS BRIEF: Twitter Stumbles, Spinal Tap @ 30, Key SXSW Absences, $44K For Pharrell's Hat & More Adds Beats To Versatile, Shareable Agnostic Music Service Platform

image from Want to listen to Dr. Dre's landmark album The Chronic on Beats Music?  You can't, despite Dre being a major partner in the new music streamer. A glaring catalog omission like this is just one of the many annoying bi-products of an antiquated and decentralized licensing system. Today took a major step towards circumventing it with the addition of Beats Music, to its agnostic music platform which already includes Spotify, Deezer, Rdio, YouTube and SoundCloud.

A graduate of startup incubator Y Combinator, appears to be the first to connect with the Beats image from www.hypebot.comAPI. "We are a marketing channel through which they can acquire new users," co-founder Shehzad Daredia told Hypebot. offers tracks and playlists that source songs from these multiple services. making it easier to play and share music across licensing and geographic boundaries. The platform also has a player for web publishers that's currently in use on Rap Genius.