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Brian Fender

I love hearing ads for iTunes Radio on terrestrial radio stations.

Is there ANY $ terrestrial radio salespeople WON'T accept?


When a company is planning on selling all bets are off. I am not only hearing regular ITunes ads but testimonials from broadcast radio personalities promoting ITunes radio. Lets help them build their brands so that they can show larger audience levels in an effort to take more money from radio budgets. A lot of what this guy is saying is correct about how they position themselves and yes audience measurement is apples to oranges as these are 2 different products. Right now there are 2 companies (P and ITunes) that have solid advertising models and we should take notice and not allow them to build their brands through ours. Radio sits back and lets it happen by not training our sellers to sell against Pure Play which by the way isn't tough once you understand what they are selling. Now the brilliance at CBS is helping promote them. Pure idiocy!


Ezra Kucharz is a fucking idiot. He thinks he's smarter than everyone else because he "worked at NASA." He's incompetent and evil.

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