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so 4 or 5 top selling artists are getting sync while the remaining 300000 artists remain poor and obscure

Kevin at CD Baby

Actually, that's not true at all. The thing that is so exciting about what we're doing with CD Baby sync is that tens of thousands of artists are tapping into this new revenue stream that didn't exist a few years back. It's not a world governed by how popular you are or how much you sell, it's all about usage of your songs. Of course some artist are making more than others, but part of that is just due to how much they focus their attention on YouTube and other ways people can use their music. Each payout has grow by leaps and bounds, so we really do see this as only the beginning of the opportunity here.

Broc Li

This is a great sign of growth in the DIY community. Sure it may only be pennies compared to The millions that Em, or Jay would get on a sync license but the fact that this opportunity exists for the Indie artist is good and it can only get better.
Lets hope youtube and cd baby keep the push going for the indie artist over edtablished

Zard Patagonia

Question. Are we talking CD Baby here or CD Baby PRO? And if so is it an exclusive publishing deal? The article is missing those two points.

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