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Wiz Khalifa Releases Paid Sticker Pack For Multiple Messaging Apps Via TextPride [Updated]

Textpride-logoAs awareness of messaging as a social phenomenon in its own right grows, awareness of the role of stickers in monetizing free messaging apps is also growing. Stickers represent one of the major music marketing opportunities on messaging platforms as demonstrated by acts like Paul McCartney and One Direction. They're also becoming revenue sources for musicians. Today TextPride announced the release of new paid sticker packs from music and sports brands including Wiz Khalifa on mobile messaging apps Viber, Kik, GroupMe and Cubie. [Original press release incorrectly mentioned CeeLo Green].

Stickers have already been shown to be both a strong marketing tool and a potential revenue stream for musicians on mobile messaging apps and platforms.

I've been trying to encourage the idea that user-generated stickers and diy sticker markets offer additional marketing opportunities especially in the form of stealth and grassroots campaigns.

For those seeking a company that can help them get started with sticker campaigns on messaging apps, New York-based TextPride is one option.

TextPride received $1 million in seed funding in November and has already represented hundreds of brands including musicians such as Wiz Khalifa.

Yesterday TextPride announced the launch of content on Viber, Kik, GroupMe and Cubie:

"Collectively, the apps represent more than 500 million users worldwide, more than any single platform or messaging app around the globe. Officially licensed content from more than 200 top sports and entertainment brands like the Auburn Tigers, Florida State Seminoles and Wiz Khalifa are available as paid 'packs' in dedicated content stores within each app. The packs typically include 24-40 emoji and/or stickers and start at $1.99 per pack."

Given that in-app advertising isn't doing so well, mobile messaging stickers clearly represent a more organic presence that not only provides new marketing opportunities but new revenue streams as well.


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