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Seth Keller

The reality (pun intended) is that no matter what these contestants sign, it doesn't matter. No cares about them as soon as they're eliminated. In fact, no one cares about the winner after the show is over. Whatever humiliating reveal that would happen to a contestant would be forgotten in the time it takes to send the next tweet.

I think everyone in the business assumes these TV contracts are horrible. My philosophy on reality TV is if you sign up to be on any show, expect to get humiliated. That's kind of what they're about.

Justin Belieber

Author didn't wage in the fact that these contracts are made this way to avoid being sued in the future for said public ridicule. It's all about avoiding liabilities.


There's nothing offensive about voluntary contracts. No one has a gun up to your head asking you to sign it. Also, the contract has termination clauses.


You should read carefully before you sign anything!

Come on...

Without the full contract these lines can be taken extremely out of context...


Agreed that no one is holding a gun to their head, but it's still disgusting how blatant they are about abusing the artists they supposedly support and want to succeed. Seems illogical to disrespect the people you are "helping" to succeed.

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