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Fan Videos Make Labels More Money Than Official Music Videos, Says Universal Exec

youtube logoUser generated content, which includes fan generated music videos and mashups, are often earning more money for record labels than the officially produced music videos, according to Universal Music's global head of digital Francis Keeling.

"It’s a massive growth area. We’re very excited about the creativity of consumers using our repertoire and creating their own versions of our videos,” Keeling told the Toronto Star. “A lot of that is due to consumers putting more and more repertoire and new versions up there, but also it’s YouTube getting better at advertising.”  

Earnings from ad supported streaming music video services including YouTube and VEVO was up 17% according to th annual report issued yesterday by record label trade group IFPI

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  1. UGC = Full songs with static artwork. Not quite a surprise as the amount of full albums by far succeed the number of official musivideos

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