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Ifpi-digital-music-report-2014The International Federation for the Phonographic Industry's (IFPI) 2014 Digital Music Report shows that, though recorded music revenue dropped globally by 3.9 per cent, much of the drop can be attributable to a huge fall in Japan. Overall music subscription service revenues were up 51 per cent in 2013 and Japan's apparently shifting more slowly than other big markets. The report also contains Pro Music's current list of licensed music services and where they operate as well as notes on emerging markets and quick case studies of major label marketing campaigns.

The IFPI Digital Music Report 2014 is available for free download as is the 2013 report. It has quite a bit on global sales and subscription revenues among other topics.

Here are some global revenue highlights:

"Subscription services' revenues up 51 per cent in 2013, helping global digital revenues grow by 4.3 per cent"

"Europe sees growth for the first time in 12 years. Revenues stable in the US and up in Latin America"

"Sharp drop in Japan sees overall global industry revenues decline by 3.9 per cent"

"Global revenue excluding Japan fell by 0.1 per cent"

Peter Kafka maintains that stalling sales suggest somewhat of a continuing plateau.

While Mark Mulligan points out that, without a stronger CD replacement strategy, the best the industry can hope for from digital subscription and download revenue streams is to "consolidate the market around a small rump of digital buyers."

Most hopeful notes in the report seem to focus on emerging markets and new business models.

Additional sections discuss the most popular artists of 2013, new markets and business models, record label marketing campaigns, market reports from Sweden, China and Afrca, efforts to address piracy and a worldwide directory of licensed music services.


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