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Harold Spenson

Beats, schmeats... Yawn. What a bunch of ego maniacs at that company.

Brad Hill

More likely that a high conversion is due to the AT&T bundling, which: 1) offers a big family discount; 2) integrates the charge with the phone bill, making it "feel free" more than subscribing to the stand-alone service.


The small print in the footer of http://www.att.com/shop/wireless/beats-music.html reads: "After free period ends, applicable monthly rates will automatically be charged to your AT&T wireless bill ($14.99/mo. for Family or $9.99/mo. for Individual)."

The AT&T customers who sign up for the Beats Music trial must explicitly cancel to NOT automatically convert into paying subscribers. Most customers won't remember to cancel. Those that do must figure out how to do it in AT&T's arcane website.

Under those conditions, 70% conversion seems completely plausible.

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