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JamKazam To Hold Virtual Jam Fest At SXSW, Band Members Will Play From Different Locations

Jamkazam-logoJamKazam allows musicians to play together online in sync. There are some limits to the service but they say musicians can be up to around 500 miles apart and avoid latency problems. Their demo video is impressive and now they're taking the demo live in Austin and online for SXSW. 6 bands are scheduled for tomorrow's Virtual Jam Fest beginning at 11:30 am Central Time, March 12.

JamKazam is tackling a problem that still seems a bit out of reach, to play together from different locations over the Internet in sync. Latency issues make this unlikely for consumer web conferencing and video chat services. Other collaboration platforms are working on related offerings but one's ability to truly play together online is still hampered in the States by substandard broadband services from telecoms.

According to their FAQ, JamKazam should be able to function well at up to about 500 miles.


JamKazam Overview

During Virtual Jam Fest 2014 distance shouldn't be a problem as I assume band members will all be at different locations in Austin. The sets begin at 11:30 am Central Time and feature the following acts:

11:30 – Residual Kid

1:00 – Gina Chavez

2:30 – Amy Cook

4:00 – Mingo Fishtrap

5:30 – Jonny Two Bags

7:00 – J. Greene & The Steady

You should be able to access the shows from the Virtual Jam Fest site linked above and hear the mix that the musicians are hearing. Sets are 30 minutes each.

The video above goes into additional details about features and you can find out more here.

Tune in tomorrow for a very public demo!


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