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Brian Fender

I can't imagine sitting through an hour-long speech from this chick.


I would never take any advice from a major artist like her... The label use millions of dollars to promote her, anyone can make a carreer like this with that amount of money and promotion. However independent artists who try to imitate this, will always fail.


I have to pretty much agree. I'm not saying she has some sort of talent, but she has been working as a corporate goon for pretty much her entire career. I've even read stories on diferent occasions that everything about her has been calculated down to the smallest nuance. Her wacky style of dressing? All decided upon by her record label. Her latest album has tanked and they've been doing everything they can to keep her in the limelight. Buying her into the keynote speaker spot is just another way of trying to fake her credibility and clout.


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