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I'm not sure what's so funny about someone deliberately and willfully stealing music and then distributing said stolen music.


Pretty sure you're not getting why I'm LOL Since, I've been dealing with this since the 90s and a simple click on my name will take you to a distro co ERGO we're simpatico


Have you read the case? He didn't "willfully steal and distribute" anything. Music that was already on the internet, that in most cases the record labels put there for promotional purposes, was made "storable" by the service, like iTunes.

Lourdes Bites

they are all a bunch of thieves & low lifes-- the record labels have control of what crappy music they push on 9 year old girls & the radio plays it--this gives any good quality music zero chance in the business--you think Lourdes or Lady Ga Ga are the most talented ?? you are drunk??--& Robertson is just another rip off that steals $$ from some one with a legal contract-- either way a legit musician is screwed--get off the labels & do it online with your own recources--we don't need either Robertson or EMI any more--Miley Cyrus stated "I know more about whats going on in the streets then some 70 year old Jewish guy in an office"--we all know neither of them do!!!!

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