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Nokia MixRadio Becomes 1st Global Music Streamer Launches In China

Nokia MixRadioNokia MixRadio will become the first Global music streaming service to launch in China when it launches in the world's market this week. More than 80% of internet users in China – 500 million people – access the net through a mobile device, making it the largest global market for music streaming. Nokia MixRadio is available in 31 countries.

By comparison, Pandora is available in three countries, with the an audience of 150 million and Apple's iRadio is available in two countries with 20 million users.

By 2015, internet users in China are likely to account for almost a quarter of the total global user base. Nokia MixRadio has hired influential Chinese musicians including Khalil Fong, Tia Ray and DJ Wordy to curate playlists of the local music.



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