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SFXE CEO Robert Sillerman Called Out For Rap Parody, Stock Tumbles

Robert-sillerman-in-actionNo, I haven't heard anyone call Robert Sillerman a racist for his hip hop parody that went viral last week but in a lot of contexts he would be. In others he'd just look dumb. Good thing it was all internal fun, right? Not so fun was the market's reaction to SFX Entertainment's fourth quarter report which inspired new lows for SFXE. During their conference call some uncomfortable questions were raised but, in the end, analysts were mostly pleased.

So Robert Sillerman headed down to Miami for various EDM industry activities last week and did a classic white frat boy parody of a rapper for photographers:

Then again maybe it was a parody of a parody?

So deep. Much wow.

Conference Call Mini-Drama

During Thursday's conference call about SFXE's business performance, after first full year results were reported, questions were raised about Sillerman's behavior.

Sillerman basically said it was "an internal thing" and that they're "willing to push the envelope" on how they enjoy themselves.

The conference call had other ups and downs and some claimed the call was behind the huge drop on Thursday which seems questionable especially given the volume of trading:


Screen Grab via Yahoo Finance: SFXE Mar 25 to Early Mar 31

Yes there were concerns but by all accounts it reads like a bunch of white guys joking around on the phone. I'm not saying there aren't some behavioral oddities but not the kind of thing that drives a stock down to a new low.

This seems to be more a case of disappointing fourth quarter results and selling on the news. But many analysts are saying good things and some feel the stock is oversold.

Other folks are still taking a wait and see attitude which seems reasonable enough. In fact, these ups and downs will probably continue though this downward progression is looking pretty serious.

Of course, if SFXE outperforms in the festival season that's now underway, they could be looking good to investors by the end of this calendar year even if they're still not showing a profit.

Good Press for Robert Sillerman:

NY Times: Despite Loss, SFX Draws Corporations as Sponsors

Billboard: SFX Chief Robert Sillerman Tops 'Power 50' Dance Music Poll


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