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"As of this week we will not be accepting any new submissions for Spotify apps for release in the App Finder," wrote Spotify. Popular apps from, musiXmatch, Rolling Stone, Soundrop and Tunewiki will continue to run, but only recieve "critical" updates. 

Does today announcement put one it the music streamer's most popular features in jeopardy?

"For existing app developers this will not mean any changes to your app. As long as your app is on API 1.x it will continue to be available in the Spotify desktop app," the company continued. Over the coming months Spotify says they'll be expanding the features of their Web API, as well as releasing new mobile SDKs.

What does this all mean for developers and fans?

"Whilst no details are forthcoming, (today's change) could mean that Spotify-powered Web apps that reside outside of Spotify will finally be given a level playing field with those previously sanctioned apps that run inside of its desktop client," says Stve O'Hear of TechCrunch. "Could this be a win for a more ‘open’ web in regards to apps that want to integrate Spotify?"