Spread the Reach of Your Music with Ditto’s Promotional Services

image from www.dittomusic.com[SPONSORED POST] – It doesn't matter how accomplished your music is; if you don't promote it, it simply won't get the recognition it deserves. Starting out in the music industry requires know-how, experience and a network of contacts, which you're unlikely to have if you're an amateur recording artist. However, by tapping into the wealth of expertise available at Ditto Music, you can take those first, tentative steps to success.

Getting your music played on the radio

image from www.dittomusic.comWhether it's a traditional radio station or one that broadcasts solely on the Internet, having your music played on the airwaves can accelerate the journey to success. But that can be incredibly difficult if you don't know who to speak to. In the case of radio play, it is definitely a case of who you know – and not what you know. Ditto has working relationships with industry 'pluggers', and they are the people who get the latest unsigned music played by radio stations. By entrusting your career with the experts at Ditto, you can greatly improve the chances of giving your music an international audience.

Finding public relations that will advance your career

Despite the relative ease with which recording artists can now releases their material, making a success of your career will require a considered and comprehensive PR strategy. Whether you want to get your music onto Hypetrak-registered blogs or plan an album launch that will entice the press along, expert PR is a necessity. At Ditto we can put you in touch with some of the very best people in the business. We will assess your budget and your music genre before teaming you up with the best PR agent for your specific situation.

Adding a professional gloss to your recordings

image from www.dittomusic.comIf you have recorded your own tracks – whether it was in your bedroom or a converted garage at your friend's house – they may lack the professional polish that comes from a producer's influence. Ditto Music works with producers from all over the UK, and many of them have fantastic reputations within the industry. So, not only do you get professionally produced music which you can sell via music stores online, your association with leading producers could put you on the radar of the major recording labels.

Creating impressive music videos

One of the major contributing factors to a successful music career in the 21st century is the music video. Sites such as VEVO and YouTube have helped propel the careers of several recording artists onto the worldwide stage. However, if you have a substandard video representing your best work, releasing it could be a counter-productive move. Ditto Music has close working relationships with some of the best video directors in the industry. Depending on your budget and your artistic preferences, the music experts at Ditto will introduce you to the directors that best match your requirements.

Music promotion packages from Ditto

If you want to sell music on iTunes as well as tapping into the promotional expertise of Ditto music, there are several promotional packages that will point your career in the right direction. Whether you want help dealing with the press, creating a distinctive image, devising a social media campaign or managing a cohesive marketing strategy that encompasses all areas of the music industry, Ditto has a range of off-the-shelf products to suit your needs. The music industry is more competitive than ever, so having the opportunity to call upon extensive experience and a network of contacts for a fixed monthly fee could be invaluable during the early stages of your career.

In a perfect world, the quality of your music would be enough to gain you recognition and an income from doing what you love. In reality, however, forging a successful career in music is extremely tough – and the odds are stacked firmly against it. However, you can give yourself the best chance possible by turning to Ditto Music for expert help and guidance.

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