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Stageit To Livecast Immunity Fest In Support Of HIV/AIDS Vaccine Research

Immunity-fest-logoStageit and Immunity Project are teaming up for Immunity Fest on March 11th the day after National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Their announced goal is to raise $100k for the Immunity Project's vaccine research. The live web event will features 8 bands, Jars Of Clay, Tan Vampires, Baskery, The Stone Foxes, Sonia Rao, Delta Wave, The Relapse Symphony and 9 Electric.

Stageit provides a platform for live streaming music events that happen once and that's it. No archives. The focus is on intimate shows that tend to offer a closer connection than simply streaming an event.

Stageit's hosting Immunity Fest with performances by 8 bands on March 11, the day after National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.

Immunity Fest will benefit the research of Immunity Project which is developing a vaccine to end HIV and AIDS which will be made available for free.

Immunity Fest Lineup

Jars Of Clay

Tan Vampires


The Stone Foxes

Sonia Rao

Delta Wave

The Relapse Symphony

9 Electric

Immunity Project seems to be developing some strong music tech connections. Late last year Patreon donated profits to support their work.


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