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The Filter Introduces Responsive Radio As Echo Nest Replacements Step Up

The Filter logoWith the acquisition of The Echo Nest by Spotify opportunities have opened up for competing services. Lots of talk is going on behind the scenes causing industry panelists to sidestep relevant questioning. Recently The Filter, a digital media recommendation service, launched Responsive Radio providing a user interface and adaptive playlist generator for white-labeled music services.

The Filter, a "personalisation and relevance technology provider" that includes Peter Gabriel as an investor, recently launched Responsive Radio as a "white label, personalised playlist generator for music streaming service providers." The new offering combines The Filter's "taste profile engine" with a new "adaptive playlist technology."

The Filter has a bit of a spotty history including a consumer-facing site that doesn't seem to be in operation anymore. Martin Bryant's comment from 2010 holds true today:

"It’s fair to say that we haven’t heard a lot about The Filter."

Except that now they're no longer a "personal recommendation engine" but are focused on white-labeled solutions that can recommend music, movies and other media to users/customers of a variety of digital services.

As they put it on their homepage:

"The Filter offers leading edge search, content recommendation, navigation and communication tools that can be integrated with your digital service."

So Spotify acquires The Echo Nest and The Filter is one of those ready to step up with Responsive Radio, a "white label, interactive and personalised radio service from The Filter."


One Possible Look for Responsive Radio

Radio Options:

Seeded radio (artist, song, genre)

Multi-seeded radio (create a station from some favourites)

Unseeded, personalised radio (play music driven by a personal taste profile)

Unseeded, non-personalised radio (Popular, trending, location-specific stations)

This offering gives big brands who wish to develop their own web radio stations a quick entry point with a lot of options plus personalization.

As CEO James Routley put it:

"Radio stations started from an artist or song can sound pretty samey from service to service. The way The Filter’s playlists adapt in response to the individual listener means that each of our customers can deliver an experience that has a unique personality."


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