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Eklektik Musik

Hi There,

Check out our french blog, eklektik musik (

We publish news, premieres, videos, live sessions since 2007.

See u There!!!


Australia has a great blog called Happy which is making waves at the moment.


You only need to inform them on time and brief about your child likes and dislikes, rest they know how to tackle.


These 25 music blogs are definitely among the best out there.

To add to the conversation, the FutureStarr blog ( is a great source of content for unsigned and undiscovered musicians.

Our content focuses on the topics of music branding, music marketing, and all-around musician tips.

Songs n Singles

please add my blog

Sophia Moors

a kiss for your list.


so nice thing.I am really after knowing about these Top 25 Most Influential Music Blogs, Thanks alot for sharing this wonderful thing. It is so much helpful and useful for me.
thanks for sharing.


Thanks for sharing this info.

Bess is better.


Oh...., Where is my blog.


Really good listing waiting for my blog.


Good list, i must check a few of them.

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