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John Culbreth

How is this any different than encouraging people to just buy your merch online?

Also, for many bands (especially for up and coming ones or for ones with a smaller number of more devoted fans) the merch table really is the place to meet people who are psyched about your music and for them to show their appreciation, creating an opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with fans. So the app seems to only serve the purpose of selling merch for bands who already sell a bunch of merch already and who aren't worried about meeting as many people as possible.


Hey John, great question! The issue that we are trying to solve is having multiple locations to find the same thing. By making a centralized location, think Zappos, for the merchandise fans want, we can deliver the best fan experience across the board.

Concerts often times have the issue with data connectivity. We have built workaround in our application that allow for the fan to find the merch they want, place the order and not have to wait for connection to make it happen.

We can also do on-demand fulfillment and A B type testing for small upcoming bands that want to test out a few designs and products to know what it is that the fans will buy on their tour, without having to upfront the cash before the tour starts.

We recognize that the at booth engagement is huge for the band and the fan alike. I have met so many great bands at the merch table and formed a bond that has lasted a life time. It is great, and we are working on a solution for that that still preserves that exslusive one-on-one feel, after the show, but allows the artist to now have to worry about bringing an extra hand on tour to sell their merch and man the booth during the show.

Great questions though. And we hope to continue to grow and aim to solve the needs of the fans, to deliver the best fan experience through merchandise offerings.


So one of the holes that I see is that indie distributors/labels are getting better about selling CD's and Vinyl at shows that are being included in soundscan and thus reported along with digital and physical store sales and often making a pretty big difference come wednesday when totals are reported. #Justsayin


Not sure how this is different than just using a mobile band website. Topspin and LNM and Musictoday already sell merch on mobile through the band's official website (not to mention handling the fulfillment aspect as well). Wouldn't it be better to send your fans to your official site?

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