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Winners Of MIA Music HackDay At The LAB Miami

The-lab-miami-logoAn integral part of the recent MIA Music Summit was the Music Hackday that preceded it over the weekend at The LAB Miami. Building community is an important part of the process of building a tech scene and that's the core focus of most hackathons. In addition, a group of five finalists was chosen to present at the Summit and one, iRemix, was honored with a commercialization award.

MIA Music Hackday took place March 22 and 23 at The LAB Miami as part of MIA Music Summit 2014.

The LAB Miami was founded by Wifredo Fernandez and Danny Lafuente as a co-working space in the Wynwood Art District of Miami. By converting an older building they ended up with a spacious location for co-working that can accomodate meetings and even events like MIA Music Day.

I got a bit of extra insight into the importance of spaces like The LAB Miami when I spoke to their head of Venue and Member Services, Tamara Wendt. Her interest in the space focuses on the community aspect and with a variety of ongoing hackdays, many of which bring people from other areas, the community extends even beyond Miami.

Wendt also values The LAB Miami as a landing place for those with shared progressive interests in such topics as open source and creative community building. From everything I saw on Sunday at MIA Music Hackday, she's found a great place to pursue those interests.

MIA Music HackDay Winners

After a number of quick demos on Sunday, the following five finalists were chosen to present at the MIA Music Summit. It was quite impressive to see the work that went on overnight to polish the finalist presentations.


iRemix was envisioned by Erik Mendelson who connected with Brandon West at the HackDay for an initial creation. It's designed to bring simple remixing to the masses and in the process create new revenue streams.

This version included use of API's from Choose Digital, MusicGraph and GraceNote.


Developed by Sean Canton and Jessica Gilbert, Lehto is a regional band/event finder that allows you to specific a region, then an artist from that region and then receive event info.

"It was built with Angular and Node and utilized MusicBrainz, MusicGraph and Eventful API's."


Load.fm allows you to put your music in the cloud to "stream, store, share." Load.fm envisions an alternative business model for music distribution.

Developed by Jack Hernandez.

Song Traction

Song Traction uses the concept of Dust & Magnets to create a game interface allowing you to "attract the music you like." Further development would include a multiplayer system.

Developed by Yair Szarf.


Tripstr is a "road-trip playlist curator that uses the Spotify and Echo Nest API's. Tripstr allows users to generate, modify, and save custom music playlists containing the hottest artists and genres from their location, and from location to location."

Team Tripstr was composed of Daniel Avissar, Marko Gill, Rob Rehrig, Andrew Ayers

They primarily used the Spotify and Echo Nest API's.

iRemix Honored With Commercialization Award

iRemix won the commercialization award and received such prizes as:

6 month of Choose Digital Service API ($8,000 value) + the first $1k in revenue processed without fees

6 Months of MusicGraph's 3 APIs ($8,000 value)

4 Months of Flex Membership @ The LAB Miami ($1,000 value)

$1,000 in cold, hard cash from TresMares

I'll follow soon with a post taking a closer look at iRemix.


Hypebot Senior Contributor Clyde Smith (Twitter/Facebook) is currently relaunching All World Dance. To suggest topics about music tech, DIY music biz or music marketing for Hypebot, contact: clyde(at)fluxresearch(dot)com.