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Been done before: 1983, French electronic musician Jean-Michel Jarre had one copy of his new LP, 'Music for Supermarkets', pressed, then had the masters destroyed…

Clyde Smith




Props to Wu Tang, but the art world is not in much better shape than the music industry. The art world is a place for the super rich to convert cash into asset investments. 99.9% of artists starve or do it on the side, while 0.01% are super stars making millions. Wu Tang may as well start rapping about the 1%, glorifying the cons and crimes of the criminal class with bankster rap. Big up to HSBC and the Terror Squad. Shout outs to DJ Morgan, Goldman, and the Blood Suckers of the Poor.

Is prosperity worth more by virtue of it's exclusivity?


Lol @ Banster Rap that's basically what most hip hop has become.

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