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YouTube Updates Content ID Changes For Creators

Passport-miguelb-flickrBack in December a wide range of videos were being flagged by YouTube Content ID in what felt like many to be a surprise attack on previously acceptable videos on Multi-Channel Networks (MCN). This week YouTube sent out an email to MCN-affiliated creators explaining what they're doing to improve the situation. It's a positive step towards improving a system that is intended to help musicians and other content creators get their fair share of the action.

Cleaning Up Unlicensed Content On YouTube MCNs

December's flurry of YouTube takedowns and copyright claims seems to have been primarily focused on such content as people posting videos of game play both on and off MCNs. Apparently some of the claims were not filed by actual content owners and it was basically a big messy expansion of YouTube's Content ID program that was intended to clear unlicensed content from MCNs.

Though that episode was more about content from games, unlicensed music in MCNs became a bigger topic in January as the Fullscreen MCN settled with the NMPA and agreed to licensing.

There's obviously a lot being worked out and a lot of forces at play. This week's YouTube email to creators about Content ID on MCN-affiliated channels is an important step forward:

"One change we made in December involved running Content ID on MCN-affiliated channels...That said, this introduction didn’t go as we hoped and we left some of our community feeling frustrated and confused."

YouTube shared five points detailing their work on Content ID for MCNs:

"First, we’re working with rights holders to ensure that they’re claiming only what they intend to through Content ID."

"Second, we’ve briefed our MCN partners on how to fast-track confusing claims to us for further evaluation."

"Third, we’ve improved YouTube’s song erase and audio swapping tools, which can help if the claimed music isn’t critical to your video."

"Fourth, we’ve developed a trouble-shooter to help you understand and address claims."

"Finally, we are always on the lookout for abuse [of Content ID]."

YouTube goes into more detail in the email.

TubeFilter's Joshua Cohen views YouTube's outreach as a reasonably positive step. In contrast, Jeff Klima takes YouTube to task at NewMediaRockstars.

YouTube: How Content ID Works

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