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Love it!!!

Always such an incredible well spoken, informed and transparent discussion with Zoe.

Thanks so much!!


Very insightful and interesting. Good Job explaining your methods for getting your music exposed and your success as an independent artist on your own terms. Kudos to you.


I like your stance Zoe. Many marketing dweebs (who've never had fans) don't get the subtle relationship building dance between artist/fan. Monetizing every stream is the tacky shit that Universal Music does. Haha love the Hunger Games analogy (so apt because it really is a game for kids)! You might reconsider your merch strategy though: for those fans who buy a download, buy a ticket & then schlep down to a show in the rain, don't deny them the pleasure of showing their support, their belief in you, and their ability to show off their membership in the exclusive Zoe Keating tribe by rocking a cool cello-laden t-shirt, button or poster.

Stephen Lee

Zoe..Bravo..! I love the information you are sharing. I think you worked from your own blueprint and that blueprint is working for you. You are putting action to words and for many an artist that just isn't the case.

Steve Malott

A tremendously honest, well written article. It is independent artists like Zoe who use the new music business enterprise to support the Humanities. And we need the humanities more now than ever before.

Keep encouraging!

Steve Malott


Zoe has that tendency of discussing such important matter in a beautiful way!
Excellence I must say :)

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