Jacobs Media's Techsurvey10 Finds Radio Occupying "Both Sides of the Digital Tipping Point" - hypebot

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Brian Boom

While I don't doubt many of this study's specifics, keep in mind that Jacobs Media's core business is as a radio consulting company (you won't ever hear them mention people don't use radio anymore).

Clyde Smith

I understand your point and I forefronted the sponsor so that people could take it as they wish.

But, generally speaking, radio's still powerful and lots of people are listening.

There's nothing to support this statement:
"people don't use radio anymore"

That's just bs.

You should apply your stringent standards to your own statements rather than basing your opinion haphazardly on what you and your friends do or however you came up with your inaccuracy.

Clyde Smith

"I forefronted the sponsor"

I was thinking of a post I was working on today.

This report wasn't for a sponsor but everything else stands.


Brian Boom

I may not have been clear with my comment. I personally don't believe "people don't use radio anymore" - I just meant that you'll never hear anything negative coming out about radio from a company whose bread is buttered by radio.

Clyde Smith

My bad. Yeah, I agree.

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