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13 Topics That Musicians Can Easily Blog About

Blog_typewriter_400I love blogging. I would love nothing more than the spend more of my day writing - but sometimes, you just get stuck. I have been on a personal hiatus for exactly one year but have found my way back into writing by finding my inspiration in what's going on around me. What inspires you? What motivates you? What moves you to create the music you create? How do you share those experiences and that music with your audience? Blogging.

Dave Cool demystifies the art of blogging through his presentation of user friendly topics all artists can blog about. You don't have to change the world in each blog post - you simply have to find a way to keep it current, interesting, and engaging. Join the conversation on

"If a potential fan visits your site, enjoys your music, and then sees that you have months of regular blogging under your belt, they might click on a few posts to get a better sense of your personality. If they really like what they read, you might have a fan for life."

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