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5 Money Management Tips for Indie Musicians

100984911_edit-2There are a lot of writers giving free advice on how to make money - but what you may be missing is what to do with it once you have it. Financial planning is a key part of any career, but especially in the case of the budding musician, it is critical. You can always change the plan, but only if you have one.

Have you struggled through the first stages of self-promotion? Not sure where your hard earned profit is being spent? Dave Kusek delves into the land of responsible financial management and breaks down the do's and don'ts on

"The indie musicians who are truly successful think of themselves as a business. Especially when most musicians get paid in cash, it’s really easy to just pocket the money or split it up with your band mates on the spot after a gig. This method is fine if you’re a hobby musician, but if you want this to become your career, you’ll want to get more organized."

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