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5 Types of Managers You Don’t Want Managing Your Band

Manager BlogSo often we are met with laundry lists a mile long of what to do when embarking out on a new career move. Everyone has opinions, recommendations, and people they swear by, but what may prove to be most valuable are the warning signs you may not have seen otherwise. Choosing your manager may prove to be the most important decision of your entire career -- now would be a good time to do your homework.

Sari Delmar tells a cautionary tale outlining 5 red flags to avoid at all costs in your pursuit of a trustworthy manager. What's worked for you? Are there things you would add to the list? Join the conversation on

"We all know the type: instead of spending their days putting out fires and making the band look good, the drama llama manager can usually be found stirring the pot into a frothy boil. Being easy to work with in this industry will go a long way for managers and their artists. It doesn’t take long for a shit disturber to be rejected from key relationships or conversations."

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