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6 Classic Record Stores From Film, TV and Fiction

High-fidelity-coverTo gear up for Record Store Day, The Guardian shares their picks for six of the "best fictional record shops" from tv, movies and books. At one point some of these must have been held up as examples of a disappearing phenomenon. The vinyl revival has turned things around for many record stores, though it's never easy, and now these fictional shops are part of a history that continues, a history in which the stores now remind us of the books and movies.

Michael Hogan's list in "Smell the vinyl: six of the best fictional record shops" has a couple of surprising entries as well as solid contenders for the best of all time.

High Fidelity - Rock Snobs

Championship Vinyl from High Fidelity - shown above.

Winston's CD stall from the tv series EastEnders - still can't find pics or video of the stall itself.

Trax from Pretty in Pink - a nice little shop.

Brokeland Records from the novel Telegraph Avenue that also took over a bookstore for a day.

Teuchtler Records from Before Sunrise - nice contrast with the more risque scene in the next pick.

Chelsea Drugstore from A Clockwork Orange.

Winston's CD stall caught me by surprise since I haven't seen EastEnders. But it's a great selection that references London's markets where many Record Store Day events take place.

Also the idea of a fictional popup record shop, Brokeland Records, to celebrate the book that features the shop is a really nice idea.

[Thumbnail: cover of Nick Hornby's High Fidelity.]


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