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Kevin Doel

I represent the develop of GoodReader, the world's #1 PDF reader for iPad and tomorrow there will be a new version with a feature that musicians will enjoy. I wanted to let you know about it early and ask if you’d be interested in covering news of this new feature.

Musicians who use an iPad for reading music will now have an automated page-turning option using the world’s top-selling PDF reader. With its newest version (4.11) GoodReader will enable musicians to turn their digital sheet music with a remote page turning device, such as AirTurn Bluetooth Page Turner, any other compatible foot pedal, or even a standard Bluetooth keyboard.

Flipping music pages on an iPad presents the same problems as with standard sheet music – simply turning pages by hand interrupts the musician’s rhythm. Although there are no loose pages with sheet music on an iPad, the user must still tap a key or swipe the screen to turn pages. With GoodReader and any iPad-compatible foot pedal, the musician can simply flip pages in either the forward or reverse directions.

The ability to flip pages with a Bluetooth page turner is the perfect companion for musicians who perform live with tons of sheet music PDFs on their iPads. Rather than swipe pages on the iPad, the foot pedal flips the pages forward or backward and enables the musician to continue playing uninterrupted.

Using a Bluetooth foot pedal to flip music pages in GoodReader is super simple:
• open a PDF file and press the Lock Page button
• press foot pedals on the connected Bluetooth page turner (or arrow keys on a Bluetooth keyboard) to turn pages
• press the Unlock button on the iPad or a Return key on your Bluetooth keyboard when finished

Let me know if you have any questions. If you have an iPad, I could set you up with it.

We will officially announce and release this new version tomorrow morning first-thing.

Kevin Doel
TalonPR for Good.iWare

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