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Alternative Money Making Approaches for Musicians Failing to Sell Records

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 9.39.59 PMThere is no doubt music sales have changed enormously since the changeover to digital downloads. Being able to buy individual songs at the touch of a button has seriously limited the scale of full album sales. While this can be hugely successful for some musicians with hit singles, failing to consistently sell records can be the downfall of any artist's career.

How does one begin to compete with the digital market if record sales aren't on your side? Create your own buzz. Offer something different to your fans. Sieze every opportunity you have to meaningfully engage with your audience. Do so in a way that allows them to give back to your music and be a part of your digital imprint. Join the conversation on MusicThinkTank.com as Mackenzie Carlin discusses innovative ways to get the most out of your music.

"In order to survive in this environment of piracy, musicians must think outside of the box, taking advantage of social media, mobile technology, merchandising and, of course, live performances. Together, these elements can spell great profit, even in an age of iTunes and illegal downloading."

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