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Bill Werde is full of s**t. He is a Gaga stan who is using his position as a fan-boy to advocate for Gaga. EVERYBODY at Billboard hated his guts because of this. Lady Gaga flopped because her album sucked. Why is Bill, who was fired by the way, trying so hard to discredit negative stories about Lady Gaga?


No we know why Bill Werde was fired fro Billboard. I can't believe he would take time to write an article like this. It only legitimizes the claims against he and Gaga.


Ask anybody at Billboard what really happened with Bill Werde and they will tell you. He didn't just get "laid off."


lol @ the comments above. The Cheng and her sock puppet accounts just won't give up.


You may want to read Angela's response to Bill Werde. It is absolutely eye opening:



yeah, yeah. Sorry but until you're a legitimate person with a real name & reputation in the biz, I'll have to side with the guy who is verifiably real. Your writing "style" is also unprofessional to the point that it seriously weakens your credibility.


spare us this sensationalist BS. This is all very entertaining but sadly the joke is on you. What a hack. Like anyone is going to believe an anonymous writer who sounds like a petty high-school cheerleader. "Love this pict, but I am actually a lot better looking than this!" - yeah, real eye-opening.


Not sure who these trolls are, but Bill Werde is a psychotic idiot who used his job in order to promote his "favorite" artists. He is like a little kid in a candy store. He should have never been an editor for Billboard.

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