Bop.fm Powers Free Artist Created Streams, Playable On (Almost) Any Music Streamer

image from www.hatchpitch.comY Combinator backed music startup bop.fm has added artist created streams to its versatile music service agnostic platform. First up is former Guess Who lead singer Burton Cummings, who chose to curate his playlists on bop.fm in part because his global fan base can listen on the streaming platform of their choice.

Bop.fm combines Spotify, Rdio, Beats Music, iTunes, YouTube, SoundCloud and Deezer into a single, universal link, accessible regardless of country or preferred music service. Users of streaming services such as Spotify and Beats Music can share a playlist with friends who don't use those services or who live in a country like Canada, where Cummings is based, in which those services are not available.

image from sunpeaksnews.com"Playlists are a very familiar part of my life. I always have access to dozens and dozens of playlists in my car on the iPods” says Cummings. Burton Cummings Radio will be updated at least monthly by the singer. Fans can stream the playlists on BurtonCummings.com innovative real-time website powered by RebelMouse and on bop.fm.  

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