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Well Obama is not going to get anywhere near Putin as one of the most influential people after Libya and Kiev in Ukraine along with attacking a free internet. Remember he failed to get FCC monitors into American newsrooms so now he has set his FCC to another task after objections to giving up the last internet controls got too loud.

Ultimately Plan A was to give up the last internet controls so that he could work with Hollywood behind the scenes to shut down illegal content with E.U backing. Plan B are these FCC changes. Add to this the 500 million in illegal guns that he NATO and Sunni autocrats pumped into Libya in contravention of international law and you get the picture that his Nobel Peace Prize was just Brusselsmania and left wing activist groupthink run amok.

These left wingers who despise custom..tradition and religion are not only warmongers but want to shut down a free internet. Try and comment on a E.U website. There is no place to comment. This administration and Brussels like to think they have already made up your mind for you.That equates to an end to a free internet and a clampdown on free speech and association.

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