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Cato-roadie-academyTwo interesting initiatives in the UK offering professional music training have gotten a boost. Cato Music has run a course for roadies for a number of years and is now launching an official Touring Academy. They're also hoping to bring more women into the industry. While over at Tech Music School London, PledgeMusic announced a new scholarship for the TMS Music Business Degree.

Cato Music's Roadie Academy

Cato Music has long offered a course in Tour Production and Management at the The Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, England.

Cato is now launching its own Touring Academy at their London headquarters focused on "tour management, production management and training for backline technicians."

Managing director Glen Rowe says he's hoping they can bring more women into the industry:

"I think women are naturally good at calming bands down. There’s less ego, less testosterone. We’re also hoping to train the next generation of freight agents and we don’t know many female freight agents."

PledgeMusic's Tech Music School London Scholarship

Over the weekend PledgeMusic announced an £18,000 scholarship to attend Tech Music School London:

"the scholarship reflects the mutual dedication of Tech Music School and PledgeMusic toward the development of music business skills and experience by offering support, resources, study and work experience opportunities to an aspiring music business entrepreneur who would not normally have access to them."

It's a three-year tuition scholarship for Tech Music School's Music Business Degree.


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