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Celebs Getting Paid Up $20,000 To Attend Coachella

moneySo much for attending a festival for the music. Celebrities are getting paid up to $20,000 to attend the upcoming Coachella music festival. Glee's Lea Michele will reportedly receive $20,000 from Lacoste to wear its clothes, McDonald's is ponying up $15,000 for Gimme Shelter's Vanessa Hudgens, and some celebs are still openly looking for handouts.

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Joe Jonas can be had for under $20,000, according to the Daily News. Aaron Paul wants $15,000 and least 2 VIP passes tp the fesival. Kate Bosworth is demanding $30,000+.

For years there have been similar rumors of artist being compensated lesser amounts for wearing certain t-shirts, shoes and other articles of clothing on stage at major music festivals both in the US and abroad.