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Paul Kamp

I would not support pre-1972 recording carrying copyright protection. Right now copyright protection is for way too long a period of time. No one has ever explained to me why copyright carries a life plus 75 years where a patent carries a 17/21 year period.

The objective is to encourage the copyright holder to create in exchange for monopoly protection for a limited period of time.

Every time copyright is extended they are taking a piece of our cultural heritage away from the public domain. This should stop.


Hi Mike!

I'm Erika and I work at an music record label heading their digital distribution. First, thank you for your post "Copyright Pre'72 Sound Recordings & Hypocrisy of the Music Industry". I appreciate the questions you asked and would like to follow up, as this is an important topic here at our label. It seems that if a legal precedent is set (either for/against these pre-72 recordings), then 439584762 people would come forward and RIAA would be overwhelmed. As any organization with interests of self-preservation, avoiding equal treatment and fighting when it suits them is straight business.

Will you be in attendance at the MusicBiz conference (formerly called NARM) next month?
Would love to meet there and discuss these topics further!

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