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Crowdfunding the Right Way

moneyMaking music a lucrative career is a lifelong battle for many musicians. While there are many new obstacles such as digital downloading, piracy, etc that can work against any rising musician, there are also ample opportunities to work new tools to your advantage. Crowdfunding is a major resource these days - but knowing how to approach and execute your efforts can make all the difference in the world.

You can't appeal to a crowd if you don't have one - so do what is necessary to band your fans together. Think through your budget, identify what it is you're trying to achieve, set a budget and begin with the right platform. Learn how to apply these rules and several others with David Kusek as he discusses the utilization of crowdfunding on

"Today, many musicians are finding their own ways to creatively fund their albums and tours, with the most popular option being crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a huge undertaking, but, if done correctly, you can come out of it with a whole lot more than just money. It also presents dedicated and creative artists a chance to connect with their fans in a whole new way."

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