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Facebook Launches AppLinks.org At F8 Developer Confab, Rhapsody Adds Integration

image from www.nehedar.comToday at Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference, the social media giant announced the launch of AppLinks.org - a free, open source tool for developers to link content from their apps more easily and directly to other apps. Hours later, subsription music streamer Rhapsody became among the first music tech companies to take advantage of the new service.

image from i0.wp.comStarting today, Rhapsody users can access tracks, playlists, and full albums shared in Facebook streams faster by deep-linking users into the Rhapsody app or prompting them to download the app if it’s not already installed.

For example, if your friend shares a new album from Rhapsody to their News Feed, now via App Links, you will be able to click on the link, which will send you directly to the album within the Rhapsody app.