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Gracenote Links With Deezer

image from ismir2010.ismir.netGracenote has announced that it will add song IDs from international music streamer Deezer to its database. The partnership will enable developers to build Deezer Apps using Gracenote's music recognition and discovery tech. 

Gracenote will preview the integration during Music Hack Day Paris on April 5-6 at Deezer’s headquarters. The Hack Day intro will be followed by wider distribution and access to the global developer community.

image from“The integration with Gracenote will enable developers to build a whole new range of music Apps that integrate with our service”, said Julie Knibbe, Developer Advocacy Lead for Deezer.  “Whether they want to tag a song while standing in line at a café or create playlists based on their mood, Gracenote’s API will enable new experiences for Deezer fans."

Earlier this year, Gracenote also announced that it will begin incorporating popularity and trending data from Next Big Sound and Musicmetric into its new Gracenote Rhythm music Discovery and Internet Radio platform.

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