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How To "Break Out Of The Garage" and Into The Music Industry

Matt-halpernMatt Halpern was not only Modern Drummer's 2013 Best Metal Drummer of the Year but he also founded BandHappy to give musicians more teaching opportunities especially while on the road. Now Halpern's teaching musicians how to go pro with a free CreativeLive online class April 9 and 10. It's two full-day sessions for free but if you can't make the live class all content will be available at anytime for $29.

We've covered or referenced CreativeLive's music courses a bit and I think they offer a unique value proposition. Initial viewing of livestreamed courses is free. They're monetizing by charging for viewing the recordings of past courses.

That means those who are able to arrange their schedules can freely access such great classes as the upcoming Working Musician Playbook course with Matt Halpern.

Matt Halpern's claim to fame is as drummer for Periphery. He's also been plugging away at his own startup, BandHappy, which I previously covered.

The Working Musician Playbook takes place April 9 and 10 West Coast time from 9 am to 4 pm. That's two days all day with Matt Halpern and industry guests:

"Drawing on his own successful experience with the award-winning band Periphery, Matt will walk you through the everything you need to know about breaking into the industry, improving your technical skills, and making the right moves to ensure long-term success."

"You’ll learn how to get your foot in the door, build a sustainable career as a working musician, and keep growing your career from there. From finding the right management, agent, and label to building relationships with sponsors and key industry players, you’ll learn it all from one of this generation’s most respected minds in the business. "

The idea is to finish the course with your own "comprehensive, actionable playbook for breaking into the music industry and putting in the right work."

Special industry guests will include:

  • Ash Avildsen - Sumerian Records Founder/CEO
  • Mike Mowery - Outerloop MGMT Founder/CEO
  • Mark Scribner - Business Manager for Killswitch Engage, Periphery, Animals as Leaders
  • Mike Johnston - Drummer, Clinician and Founder of
  • Chris Brewer - Head of Artist Relations for Meinl Cymbals USA
  • J.P. Bouvet - Drummer, Clinician and winner of Guitar Center Drum Off 2011

Hate to sound like a simple-minded booster but, damn, it's free and even the paid version is only $29.

It's hard to beat a deal like that.


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