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Kickstarter Passes $1 Billion In Pledges Including 2 Grammy Winners

image from www.forbeck.comKickstarter released its latest quarterly numbers this week. In the last 3 months, the crowdfunding giant passed the 1 billion mark in total pledges. To date,15,384 music projects have been successfully funded for a total of $97.24 million. 12,477 music projects have not been funded since the inception of Kickstarter, with almost 10,000 of them failing to reach 20% of their goal.

Two Kickstarter creators took home Grammys this year: Pacific Mambo Orchestra and Roomful of Teeth. In all, 4 Kickstarter projects were nominated a Grammy this year. 

1st Quarter 2014 overall Kickstarter stats.

  • Dollars pledged to projects: $112,038,158
  • Average pledged per day: $1,244,868
  • Successfully funded projects: 4,497
  • Total backers: 887,848
  • New backers: 679,413