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LyynksMusicVerticalGrayBy Diana Hereld of Pathways in Music.

This weekend, a new digital platform was unveiled to attendees of ASCAP’s 9th annual “I Create Music” Expo. With the existing array of companies geared to facilitate DIY promotion, revenue collection, merchandising and ticketing for fans, Lyynks Music presents all-in-one content access and distribution with the push of a button.

With an innovative new marketplace website aggregation that connects artists to fans; musicians can effectively promote, connect and monetize their brand via multiple opportunities for growth and advertising shares. Lyynks Music gives power back to the artist by ensuring control over their music, branding, and pricing, while also benefitting financially from various competitive revenue streams.

By empowering musicians with the tools necessary to manage, circulate, and monetize their product, fans can conveniently access content from all of their favorite bands in one place, and discover new music in a single, intuitive application.

In providing the necessary resources to build their own customizable channels with simple drag-and-drop software, Lyynks Music is the only social marketplace that combines top-notch tools for selling music products with direct communication to fans, including seamless media sharing across other platforms.

Proprietary features include controlled monetization, email capture and marketing, advanced analytics, accounting and media storage.

Lyynks Music is a musician empowerment tool that works for the cultivation of ensuring creative control to the artist, Lyynks music demonstrates the power of music aggregation, discovery and distribution – all in one application.