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Neil Young’s Pono Kickstarter Ended Today With $6.22 Million Pledged

image from www.digitaltrends.comNeil Young's Pono Kickstarter campaign to launch a better-audio player and download store ended today, far surpassing it's original $800,000 goal. $6,225,354 was pledged by 18,220 backers during the campaign. This makes Pono, which will play FLAC or ultra-high resolution recordings, the third most successful fundraising project ever on the Kickstarter platform. Watch the original intro video featuring an all star cast of musicians extolling the virtues on Pono.

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  1. If it is so great, why go on Kickstarter? Private equity would be all over this.
    I think this is just pre-marketing for the product down the road, or publicity for Kickstarter. Personal suspicion detector at full blast.
    Maybe I’ve been around the music biz too long

  2. Pre-marketing – Definitely.
    Of the 18000+ backer, over 15000 were for the amounts that effectively “pre-ordered” the player with delivery dates from Oct to Dec.
    That’s over 15000+ ready and waiting customers for the online store when it goes live.

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