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It hasn't reached all of the fans of those bands, There's enough people who would make the investment for most of those acts and the player.

Tony van Veen

1) Audiophile aficionados think that everyone cares about hi quality audio, but history has shown us that most of the market is happy to accept "good enough" audio. There is a niche here, but it's limited. Very limited.

2) How the hell would a music fan - young or old - be expected to put this bulky, awkwardly shaped player in their pocket? It screams "don't carry me around." And which music fan on the go wants that from their music player in 2014?


I know I would love higher quality audio. But I'm a 23 year old musician/music lover.


I would probably buy more vinyl than a separate music player player, since my phone can play music anyways.


tony-"Audiophiles think that everyone cares about hi quality audio"

where in the world do you come up with that theory ? Audiophiles are the first ones to adknowlege that the general public doesn't even know the difference between high quality audio and complete garbage.

secondly. the Pono is NOT designed to carry in your pocket, but to sit flat.

Any other theories you would like to share ?


I am looking forward to it and am actually happy it's not designed to go in your pocket. Even with the best audio player, the infrared emissions/reflections that cause distortion in the audio cable from other things in your pockets (think about it: metal keys, your phone, vitamins containing iron) affect the sound in unacceptable ways. A really good music player should be sitting on the table, NOT buried in your pocket!


and before anybody goes there, yes I HAVE a/b tested it

Jeff Yablon

Umm ... told you so ... : answerguy.com/2014/03/20/neil-young-pono-player-millions-not-influency/

Pietje Puk

IR reflections that cause distortion in audio cables ?? You have no clue how things actually work do you ? Your words are obviously not limited by any real knowledge about the subject. Please stop talking BS about things you do not have any a clue about. Yeah you heard the difference, actually that's your brain thinking it sounds better.



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