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Playlist Grabber Increases Bop.fm's Strength As A Music Services Connector

Bopfm-logoBilling itself the “Switzerland of digital music,” Bop.fm allows you to create playlists and links to songs that source the music from multiple services based on your preference, including Spotify, Rdio, Beats Music, Deezer, SoundCloud and YouTube. One rationale for connecting to all these services is the ability to send playlists to friends without worrying about what service they belong to. Now Bop.fm is further connecting things with the ability to import playlists created on streaming services starting with Spotify and Rdio.

Recently Bop.fm added artist-created streams as a currently free way for artists to feature themselves on Bop.fm.

Today they launched Playlist Grabber to allow importing of playlists from Spotify and Rdio with more services planned for future integration:

"Users can simply copy a playlist link from their Spotify or Rdio account and paste it into bop.fm's import tool. The tool then creates a playlist that can easily be played on bop.fm via the user's existing streaming accounts (Spotify, Rdio, Beats Music, Deezer, etc) or via other services like YouTube or SoundCloud."

"She can then add any song to that playlist, even if that song is not available in her streaming service. Finally, she can easily share that playlist with a friend and be confident that her friend will be able to listen using the streaming service of her choice."

CEO Shehzad Daredia is described as viewing Playlist Grabber as a "logical next step toward bop.fm’s goal of an inclusive digital music experience." CTO Stefan Gomez considers Playlist Grabber another way Bop.fm is "helping music fans integrate the digital music landscape."

Gomez goes further:

“Playlist Grabber is more than just an import tool. It speaks to Bop’s aspiration to become users’ preferred music streaming client, regardless of which streaming service they subscribe to...We know that we have a compelling experience to offer, but bop.fm has an eye on the broader scene of digital music. We’re aiming to make the internet a better place to find and listen to music."

So far they seem to be making smart progress towards establishing Bop.fm as an essential music client.


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