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Shorty-awards-logoApparently we're in the midst of web awards season. The Shorty Awards for Social Media just wrapped up and Questlove dominated both the Music and Singer categories. Didn't know he had that big a reputation as a singer. Now all eyes turn to the Webby Awards which are currently in the voting stage. Though the Webby Awards' site navigation is totally fracked, I think I've figured out who the music nominees are.

With a ridiculous array of categories the 6th Annual Shorty Awards proclaimed a long list of winners.

Though I didn't expect to discover Questlove in the running, it turns out he won the Music category, beating out such finalists as Amanda Palmer, Justin Bieber and Yoko Ono. Can't argue there.

But he also won in the Singer category for, I presume, such efforts as Black Simon and Garfunkel:

Black Simon and Garfunkel Sing Lorde's "Royals"

He beat out such artists as Ben Folds and Josh Groban so I guess Questlove is the man.

But What About The Webby Awards?

The Webby Awards has one of the worst interfaces for navigation I have seen in quite a while from anybody vaguely legitimate let alone a leading web award thingie.

But I finally figured out enough to reasonably believe that these are the categories that include Webby Awards music nominees:

Web: Music

  • Moshcam
  • LSO Play
  • Pandora
  • NPR Music
  • Pitchfork

Online Film & Video: Music

  • Interlude - Like a Rolling Stone
  • Google Creative Lab - Just a Reflektor
  • Creators Project - The Collaborators
  • NPR Music - OK Go Tiny Desk Concert
  • Radio-Canada - Burgundy Jazz

Mobile & Apps: Music

  • SoundCloud for Android
  • Bob Dylan Bootleg App
  • Jay Z Magna Carta Holy Grail App
  • Pandora
  • Timbre

Interesting choices. I wish the videos had loaded in a timely manner so I could look at some of them.

Honestly, I take the Webby Awards somewhat more seriously than the Shorty Awards, inasmuch as I can take any of this seriously, so it's rather surprising to see the sad state of their website.

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