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Rabbl-logoRabbl launched in late 2012 with a focus on concert crowdfunding. They got a wave of publicity in fall 2013 due to a NY Times article but we haven't heard much since then. Apparently they're doing something right and have now raised $775K in seed funding including a $340K investment from FG Angels Syndicate. The funding will support further development of the platform and marketing to artists.

Rabble got some attention back in the fall but seem to have focused on developing the product and connecting directly with artists. Now they're expanding both those core activities with $775k in seed funding led by FG Angels.

According to CEO and co-founder Wade Lagrone:

Rabbl"We've been really pleased to see the reception that artists of all sorts have given RABBL...And it's a great vote of confidence that investors, too, see the same opportunity we do. So far, RABBL is proving to be a very versatile tool for breaking acts, reducing risk, and engaging fans. We expect big things in 2014 and have a lot in the works already, on our way to making social booking a huge new part of the live music business."

Though you can't really tell how they're doing from the site, the official announcement claims "over 700 artists and 12 venues on the RABBL platform." However they only show a short list of successfully funded shows on the site itself.

I'd expect to see more coverage soon. Rabbl might consider contacting bloggers directly. There should be a lot of interest in what they're doing if they establish better channels of communications beyond corporate PR outlets like PRNewswire.


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